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Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC)

Naval Medical Readiness Logistics Command Conducts Trident Arch Nordic 2023

by Courtesy Story
04 August 2023 Naval Medical Readiness Logistics Command (NMRLC) has been successfully executing Trident Arch operations onboard Naval Weapons Station Yorktown-Cheatham Annex and forward deployment sites over its 40-year history. Operation Trident Arch Nordic 2023 integrated military and commercial resources to execute the delivery of a Cold Weather Package, and Civil Engineering Support Equipment (CESE) Material Readiness Assessment (MRA) of the 144-Bed Expeditionary Medical Facility (EMF) located in Osmarka, Norway from May 18 to June 9, 2023.

Trident Arch is a NMRLC operation that rotates or adds capabilities to Expeditionary Medical Systems (EXMEDS) to and from pre-positioned storage sites ashore and afloat for added capabilities, Care of Supplies in Storage (COSIS) and service life extension. Navy Medicine has faced an increased demand for agile and ready medical forces to respond to Combatant Commander requirements. As part of Trident Arch Nordic 2023, 43 containers containing the Cold Weather Push Block Capability were shipped to the pre-positioning site. This Push Block adds cold weather capabilities to the existing 144-Bed EMF for use in the EUCOM AOR.

Operation Trident Arch Nordic 2023 was led by Expeditionary Medical Facility Activation Team (EMFAT) Officer in Charge, Lt. Cassidhe Griffiths, and executed by subject matter experts Matthew Gerten and CM1 Curtis Cox, with assistance from five Seabees from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 1 (NMCB ONE), Detail Nordic, CTU 68.2.1; EO2 Gage Bochette, CM2 Brock Brower, EO2 Tyler Campbell, CM2 Bonifacio Garciacantoran, and EOCA Stephen Cosby.

CM1 Curtis Cox conducts training while EO2 Tyler Campbell operates a 25K Rough Terrain Container Handler and EO2 Gage Bochette ground guides.
SLIDESHOW | 5 images | Naval Medical Readiness Logistics Command Conducts Trident Arch Nordic 2023 CM1 Curtis Cox conducts training while EO2 Tyler Campbell operates a 25K Rough Terrain Container Handler and EO2 Gage Bochette ground guides.

NMRLC Design Director, Cmdr. Jeremy Schwartz, HM1 Jesse Bolstad, and HM1 Scott Robinette also worked on site to develop plans for future configuration improvements, assisted in receiving containers, and reconfigured a new Central Sterilization Room.

Phase I of Operation Trident Arch Nordic 2023 involved the onload and delivery of the EXMEDS Cold Weather assets, led by Transportation Officers Fred Robinson and Robert McMullin, from Williamsburg, VA to Norway aboard the commercial cargo ship named MAJ RICHARD WINTERS. Upon arrival of the 43 containers to the Osmarka site, Norwegian Defense Logistics Organization (NDLO) personnel offloaded them to be placed in the warehouse for future use.

“The forward deployment of the Cold Weather Push Block adds unique capabilities to the hospital, allowing it to operate in sub-zero environments,” said Lt. Griffiths.

Phase II encompassed MRA for forward deployed CESE. This materiel inspection program assessment is conducted every 12 months to evaluate the maintenance program, readiness, and materiel condition of CESE EMF war reserve assets. NDLO assisted this effort with logistical support such as providing tools and equipment, and the NMCB ONE Detail Nordic Seabees provided basic maintenance to 201 units of CESE such as inspection, checking fluids, replacing batteries, cycling equipment, and annotating discrepancies to ensure proper operation and readiness levels.

The work executed by these Seabees not only contributed to the long-term goals of sustainment, maintenance, and cycling of these critical assets, but also presented an opportunity for the NMCB ONE Detail Nordic personnel to gain hands-on experience.

“One great by-product from NMRLC’s Trident Arch operation is a CESE Material Readiness Assessment training evolution for NMCB ONE Seabees deployed in the AOR,” said Matt Gerten, NMRLC’s Senior Civilian of the year. “This [Trident Arch] became a joint training evolution for the NMCB ONE Detail Nordic folks who are out here helping us with this EMF and ensuring this equipment is ready to go. The CESE in this hospital is used for Base Operating Support and provides an all-encompassing capability unlike the other Service branches who rely on other entities for their support, our EMFs bring that capability to the fight.”

In addition to Operation Trident Arch Nordic tasking, NMRLC’s CM1 Cox also led training for NMCB ONE Detail Nordic Seabees on operation of the 25K Rough Terrain Container Handler (RTCH). Being proficient in operating a RTCH is valuable for the day-to-day duties of Equipment Operators and Construction Mechanics, and enabled them to earn hours towards their licenses. This training helped build a lasting partnership with CTU 68.2.1 personnel which will be beneficial for future Trident Arch missions.

The NMRLC team of military, civilian, and contracted personnel execute the design, acquisition, assembly, integration, storage, shipment, maintenance, sustainment, and life cycle support of modular, scalable, Navy Expeditionary Medical Systems and act as a deployment technical advisor for these assets.