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Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC)

EODGRU 2 Holds Change of Command Ceremony

by Lt. Brittany Stephens
21 June 2023 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group (EODGRU) 2 held a change-of-command ceremony and welcomed its newest leader at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek- Fort Story, Jun. 15, 2023.

Capt. Karl Haywood relieved Capt. Charles Eckhart and assumed responsibilities as commodore of EODGRU 2 during a ceremony attended by family, friends and EODGRU 2 Sailors.

Rear Adm. Bradley Andros, commander, Navy Expeditionary Combat Command, was the guest speaker and provided opening remarks.

“Today’s ceremony highlights the command transition of responsibility, accountability, and authority,” said Andros. “But it also highlights something a bit more--our extraordinary culture – a proud history and heritage, and who we are.”

Following opening remarks, Haywood and Eckhart read official orders and completed the transfer of responsibility as commodore from one individual to another.

Eckhart spoke to the crew of EODGRU 2 before the reading of the orders.

“It’s never about the people at the stage at these ceremonies,” said Eckhart. “It’s about the crew. Thank you to the crew to everything we accomplished while I was fortunate enough to be here on the team.”

In his first address as commodore, Haywood addressed the EODGRU 2 staff and the other commands in attendance.

“Our mission demands meticulous attention to detail, unparalleled expertise, and teamwork ,” said Haywood. “Our core strength will always reside in our people, our unity, and our unwavering commitment to one another. And I am fully committed to you all.”

“I am confident that together we will move ahead, unified in purpose and resolute in our determination to protect and defend.”

EODGRU 2 operates as a critical part of the Navy Expeditionary Combat Force (NECF), and EODGRU 2 provides skilled, capable, and combat-ready deployable Navy EOD and Navy Diver forces around the globe to support a range of operations.